Helpful Tips

Helpful Tips

Where is our service area? Each state in the Continental U.S. for State-to-State transport, excluding Alaska and Hawaii.

How do I schedule a ride or trip? Simply call and our central intake center will take your pick-up location address and your destination address and will then offer you a price and a confirmation #. This price does not have any additional fees and will not change. If you have to cancel your trip, please contact us as soon as possible.

How do I pay for my ride or trip? Local rides will be required to be paid in full upon the start of your ride at the pick-up location. Cash, check (with a copy of a photo ID), and credit cards are accepted.

Where can you transport me to? Allcare will gladly drive you to any type of facility; Including: Independent & Assisted Living Facilities, Physical Therapy, Dentist and Physician offices, Hospital, Adult Day Care, Schools, Sports practice, and much more!

Will my information be shared with others? Never! Allcare takes pride in confidentiality and is in accord with the HIPPA law that is set in place to protect your identifiable information, your health status, your locations, your destinations, and your payment information is fully protected.

What if there is inclement weather? Business will conduct as usual during rainy days. If there are driving alerts or ice and sleet, all rides will be rescheduled without any additional charges.

Will my ride be here to pick me up on time? All ride confirmations are established and confirmed with an extra time allotment to make up for the unforeseen. However, there are some incidents out of our control that just cant be avoided. Allcare assures you that your ride will be prompt under normal circumstances.

Allcare proudly accepts American Express, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.

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