Up to 3 companions ride at no additional charge and there are never added taxes or fees. Reserve your ride today! The van is fully stocked with YOUR complimentary bottle of ice-cold water! Please support your country and contribute the Allcare way to the Harvey Relief fund: call 1-800-RED-CROSS today. Call for your taxi today, specializing in wheelchair and non-medical stretcher taxi services.

About Allcare

Who We Are


Welcome to the greatest and newest national demand in transportation! Allcare proudly provides Non-Medical Wheelchair, Stretcher, & Youth transportation services. Nursing companion transportation is optional for your peace of mind. 

The proprietor of Allcare has specialized in the healthcare arena for many years and realizes the importance of compassion towards your loved ones, and the attention to detail that must be administered in each ride.

The fleet of the brand new Allcare vans are installed with ADA compliant federally crash tested mobility equipment per FMVSS 301 code as our main priority is safety and quality. 

To top it off, The RN nursing team provides companion interaction (optional) and are required to have current licenses as the entire staff have thorough background checks as well. Superior quality across the nation is at our best each and every day.

Allcare proudly accepts American Express, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.

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